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Public Brainstorming for 13th & Missouri Ave Beautification Project

  • 08 Oct 2016
  • 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Spring Lake Golf Course Clubhouse, 4020 Hoctor Blvd


Open to the public. Pre-registration is appreciated to allow for making sufficient handouts and refreshments.


Free event - open to the public.

Objective: The beautification of the 13th and Missouri Avenue intersection. This is Part 1 of an overall intersection beautification and focuses on the southwest corner: landscaping, artwork, and offering pedestrians and bicyclists a safe and shaded place to take a break. 

      We are working with Big Muddy Workshop as the design team – you will know them as the landscape designers for the Spring Lake Pond Project and the park playground.  In fulfilling the 2016 Mayor’s Grant, the Spring Lake Park Team will attend and present at meetings of as many South Omaha organizations as possible to introduce the project and gather input. On October 8th, we will be the primary holding community brainstorming session on the project. Everyone is welcome to come and share their ideas again in November for the draft design plan meeting. We will be revealing the final design in January of 2017.  Fundraising will be on-going and our goal is to have the project construction started by August of 2017. As with any project, successful completion will be determined by our fundraising. To stay tuned to the project’s progress, please contact Janet Bonet, SLPT President, at or text / call 402-598-4186. In the meantime, please use the brainstorming survey to write down your ideas. We encourage you to join us in DREAMING BIG! South Omaha deserves to have 13th and Missouri Avenue be a point of pride for our historic area in particular, Omaha as a whole, even the state of Nebraska. This intersection is a high-traffic, major gateway into our state, our city and our neighborhood. We hope to eventually beautify all of the corners in way that compliments the Veterans Memorial already there.

      On Saturday, October 8, 2016 at 9:00 AM, we will be holding the first community brainstorming on the intersection. The meeting will be at the Spring Lake Golf Clubhouse at 4020 Hoctor Blvd. Anyone interested in the project is welcome to attend and contribute ideas. Light refreshments will be served.

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